Thee S Project

A mission to gather all Scrabble® Players in one place

Thee S Project

Scrabble® has it's own universal language

Scrabble® players have always been defined by the language to which they play, but we hardly ever speak about the fact that Scrabble® has it’s own language that each and everyone of us can understand.

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I realised this after I started playing in Spanish that is not my maternal language, because I ask the same questions, take the same steps and have the same joyfull moments and the same struggles along the way. What is more, since the first moment I could communicate with my new co-players using the Scrabble® Language like if we had known each other for years!

This said, a vision started growing inside of me that we shouldn’t put language borders to this game, but find each other, share our experiences and create a global community of Scrabble® Players. My mission is to use this page as a platform for my vision, using my capacity to communicate in english, spanish and greek and in all other possible language modern translators can allow us.

The frequency and the intensity of your contact with the game are not important. Your strategy and vocabulary level are not important. Or if you have played none, half or tons of games.

I want to meet all of you! Those who play in languages that I don’t speak, those that participate in tournaments, those who just play with your friends at home, those who play in the internet apps, those who have just heard about the game and are curious to know a little bit more about it…