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Week 31 2023

What do you think is the very first thing a new Scrabble® player should focus on?


Thank you all for taking a moment to answer this Poll!

Scrabble® is a great pastime but also an exciting and amusing way to challenge yourself, learn new things and exercise your mind!

The game consists of three main parts:

  • The “Bag of Tiles”: You never know the exact letters that will come out of that little bag, so the more words you know, the better your chances are to defend yourself against any letter combination!
  • The “Rack”: Even if you know all the words of the world, your brain still has to go through a process to create new neuron paths and help you anagram all those letter combinations faster! Are you ready for some “brain gym”? 😉
  • The “Board”: Having said all the above, out of all the words and combinations you will come up with, you can play only one in every turn! So… which one will that be and why?

So, starting from top to bottom and adding new features in every path, it´s time to live the Scrabble® experience fully!


Week 30 2023

How many Scrabble® games do you play per month?


Thank you all for taking a moment to answer this Poll!

There is some good news here! Only Scrabble® Players around, no “zero” answers!

Regarding the rest of the answers, there is a bit of everything as expected. Some of us enjoy a few games occasionally to keep ourselves entertained, while others like staying in form by keeping in touch within the month. And finally, some of us take it very seriously and constantly practice this excellent brain exercise! 

Independently on which category you belong to, remember to keep your mind alert!!!

And here you can check why this is so important!

No doubt, Scrabble® is a fantastic way to do it!