Hybrid Scrabble®

Try to imagine Scrabble® without borders

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What could they have in common:
🔹Scrabble® Club members from one of the most beautiful Greek islands
🔹A Spanish Scrabble® world champion from Barcelona
🔹An Athenian who lives in Spain and plays Scrabble® in both languages
🔹Other Scrabble® players in Greek, Spanish, Italian, English, French, etc…

It’s just… even though everyone is playing in their language, everyone speaks the Language of Scrabble® at the same time and can play against each other, even if they have no idea what language their partner is playing in!
The first experimental hybrid Scrabble® meeting is here and will take place on the beautiful island of Milos on Wednesday, 09/08/2023, organised by the Milos Scrabble® Club and Thee S Project!
Participation is free
Let’s demonstrate that Scrabble has no borders!!!

Scrabble® without Borders is the absolute next step! Of course, I am referring to language borders…

Imagine tournaments where players from all over the world participate mixed, and compete on the same boards, but everyone plays in their language, without knowing their opponent’s language!

This is possible only because they all speak the Language of Scrabble®, which is universal!

Thee S Project can make this possible through Hybrid Scrabble®! The game has peculiarities in each language, so we work tirelessly to balance possible discrepancies between all possible combinations…

The files below show the first version of the Hybrid Scrabble® rules between Greek and Spanish.

Scrabble Hybrid Ελληνικά-Ισπανικά

Scrabble Hybrid Español-Griego

Hybrid Scrabble® does not lag behind the classic,
It’s just different…!

The weaknesses and limitations of one player are the weaknesses and limitations of the other…

Over time strategies/rules will be developed that will apply only to this variant!

For example, a player opens a position with a letter that exists only in his language!
Or, rules will be laid down regulating the possible advantage of one language over another!

If the Hybrid Scrabble® experiment is successful in two languages so different from each other, as Greek and Spanish are, it paves the way for international tournaments!
It is the beginning of Scrabble® without borders!

Stay tuned, and remember to send me your comments!