About me

About Me

I am Eva and I am greek, I grew up in Athens.

Thee Scrabble Project

Love at first sight is very poor to describe what happened to me that day. This was the activity missing from my life and from my mind.

About me

Hello Scrabble friends,

I am Eva and I am Greek, I grew up in Athens. Ever since I was a child and until my mid-20s I never had a special relationship with words, I was never a great reader, and my vocabulary was limited to everyday expressions and words, as happens with most of us. I was a good student, but more like a system person, never really interested in knowledge outside of what was taught to me.

As the years passed by, I started ticking out my standard boxes, graduated university and started working as an accountant. I have always had many interests, like dance, playing music, and learning languages… but nothing really caught my attention for good. What is certain, is that my mind never stops and I can hardly ever do only one thing at a time. This always kept me in an unsatisfied state, trying to fill my mind with thoughts to keep it busy in the most inert moments. These were random moments like driving back from work and trying to think of something to kill the time or being in a bar with a friend and already having chatted about everything.

When Scrabble® came into my life, it was a rough period for me for personal reasons. I went to an unofficial tournament of the Athens club, just to accompany my father who was already a member and invited me (out of pity, I think… so that I would get a bit out of the house).

That was it. Love at first sight is very poor to describe what happened to me that day. This was the activity missing from my life and from my mind. Starting that day, Scrabble® became more a way of life than a simple hobby for me. I became a member of a community that shared the same passion with me and my mind had no more inert moments. There were always 2 to 7+ random letters in my mind that I could try to anagram. After all, words never end and are all over the place.

After years of playing exclusively greek scrabble®, a friend who knew that I spoke Spanish, proposed that we traveled together to a tournament in Malaga. I only had 2 months to prepare myself to play in an official scrabble tournament in a foreign language, but that was exactly the boost of adrenaline that I needed! Spanish Scrabble® had also entered my life.

Four years later, I now live in Spain and I am training and playing in both languages, having my own personal goals to achieve: Return to the first ten players of the Greek ranking and win my first official tournament in the Spanish Scrabble®!

I invite you to this journey of mine and I am all eyes and ears to learn about your Scrabble® journeys! Please don’t forget to send me here!